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Professional House and Office cleaning services


OS1 Habitat cleaning services is your ticket to a getaway  for fun. We are a Professional House and Office cleaning company in Singapore, fully licensed and insured.  Our cleaning team is made up of professionals, screened for efficiency, and to ensure your home and office is safe in their hands- for your Peace of Mind!

Take A Break! You deserve better.

Would you rather…..

  • Spend QUALITY time with YOUR family…. or wash the toilet?
  • Build your career…..or vacuum the office floor?
  • Slip in your comfy pajamas and stare at your TV screen….but no you have to clean your house too!

You toil every day to provide a better life for your family, but what use it is if you don’t get to spend quality time with them? Don’t waste your precious time doing something WE easily can. Sit back and relax, just leave the DIRTY works to us!

“Ok guys but seriously, how can you give me PEACE OF MIND?”

We pride ourselves in our positive working attitude. With our services, we do not just aspire to clean but to deliver a healthy environment in which your family can grow and be nourished.

Here at OS1 Habitat, We handle various types of cleaning from home to small offices, large commercial buildings, After-party cleaning, laundry services and everything in between. We pride ourselves on a team of qualified cleaning contractors who would go great length to keep your home as spotless as our reputation. So with OS1 habitat, you’ll be in good hands!

Welcome to tension-free days. Welcome to Habitat!

What We Offer

The Pristine Home | House Cleaning Services

A healthy home inspires healthy life. Let us give you the perfect spotless home while you relax. Teach your kids the invaluable lesson “Cleanliness in next to godliness”.

The Immaculate Office | Office Cleaning Services

Impress your clients with your spick-and-span office and enable your employees work at their maximum potential. Protect important office files; spend less time cleaning and more time earning.

The Novel Home | Move-in, Move-Out Cleaning Services

Your newly renovated apartment needs a final layer of polish. Let us help you give your dream home that final flourish!

The Awesome After Party Mess | Party Cleaning Services

Just had an awesome party with your friends and have to go to work tomorrow, don’t worry about your place, we’ll come in like the elves get your home gleaming like new.

What O.S.1 Habitat Customers Think


Professional House & Office Cleaning Company


  • "OS1 Habitat Team has done a commendable work that is par excellence. In addition, Ricky is consistently pleasant, in tackling all task given with great pride and dedication ending with a smile irrespective of how tough or challenging it may be. He and his team has been found to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest and courteous. I wish him loads of success in all his future endeavors. With Warm Regards Mike Omar"

    Mike Omar
    Mike Omar
  • "OS1 Habitat team is extremely courteous and attentive. Never have I tried to make contact and failed to do so. The cleaning itself is thorough and speedy. Every time the team is done, my apartment looks like a high-end hotel room. Out of all the home cleaning companies I have dealt with in Singapore, OS1 Habitat is the only one that gave me results that I wanted."

    Seri Orfali
    Seri Orfali Piogy / Founder, CEO
  • "I definitely recommend OS1 Habitat Cleaning Services! They did a fabulous job cleaning my apartment today. I was really impressed with their attention to detail and how well they cleaned my home. I love it when my home is super clean. i would use OS1 again in a heartbeat! Many thanks for your great work today!"

    Julie Patricia Rezler Housewife
  • "OS1 Habitat's services were able to accommodate me at very short notice (less than one day!) when I was moving out of my apartment. They provided a highly professional cleaning service that ensured the house was left spotless for the next tenant. I would highly recommend OS1 Habitat's cleaning services to any of my friends who needed the best cleaning services available in Singapore."

    Andrew Lucas
    Andrew Lucas
  • "Thank you so much to the crew who cleaned house for me last Saturday (28 Jan) exceeded all my expectations. This was my first cleaning and I gotta tell you that I'm looking forward to next ones. Thank you!"

    Henry Lim
    Henry Lim Insurance Agent
  • "I'm extremely satisfied with OS1 Habitat's service. The job is done perfectly every time and the professionalism and service have been excellent. They've also gone out of their way to be flexible with scheduling. The service has been great."

    John Min Construction Manager
  • "I love coming home to a clean house. Working full time and being a mother of two doesn't allow me the time to keep my house how I would like. OS1 Habitat is a God-send! The two ladies that clean my home are trustworthy and do a consistent job every time. I recommend OS1 Habitat to all of you who cherish your time like I do. Let the professionals do the work for you!"

    Patricia Financial Controller

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