How to Clean House Quickly

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When it comes to cleaning, nothing is easy since you have to check all parts of your home and its corners to see if dust and dirt have already piled up. It is hard to clean your house on your own especially if you don’t know where to start. However, you don’t have to worry anymore of how you will start cleaning your homes because cleaning tips are present and it will be your ticket to achieve a sparkly clean home. The tips will serve as your guide on how you can make it cleaning an easy task that you can finish in a short span of time.

Importance of Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the most important treatments that you should give your home. It may be a difficult task but the result it gives is beneficial and will definitely make your house a home.

Healthy Environment

Cleaning is vital because it makes your environment since it helps in eradicating the dirt and dust which can trigger bacteria to pollute the home and can be a risk on your health and your family.

Convenient Living

There is nothing more convenient than to live in a clean home. By cleaning your house, you are giving yourself and your family a great convenience since they don’t have to stay in a house that is full of dirt and dust.

Tips on Cleaning your Home Fast


The area of your house where hygiene takes place should be kept clean always. Here are some tips on how you can clean it in a fast way.
•    Prepare your cleaning tools and start spraying on the different parts of the bathroom like the tub, sink and shower.
•    Scrub the toilet bowl using a brush and use baking soda to remove the dirt. Then, wipe the outside part of the bowl.
•    Clean the glass by spraying a cleaner used for glasses and wipe it.
•    Remove the dirt on your sink by using a toothbrush since it is capable of reaching even the unreachable areas.
•    To clean the floor, you can use a mop from the corner down to the entrance.


Here are tips on how you can clean your bedroom quickly.
•    Sweep the floor to remove the dust and dirt clinging on the corners of your room.
•    Change the linens and arrange the bed properly.
•    Use a cloth that is dry to wipe off the dust in the bedroom.
•    Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the remaining dirt and dust that you weren’t able to wipe or sweep.


To make your kitchen clean in an instant, here are some tips on how you can make it happen.

•    Wash the dishes to make the sink look clean.
•    When cleaning your countertops or stove and it has stubborn dirt, you can scrape the dirt by using a card like a credit card then use a sponge to entirely remove the dirt.
•    Wipe the appliances found in the kitchen.
•    Sweep and mop the floor to make it clean and be free from germs.

Living Room

In order to make your living room clean as easy as 123, here are tips to make it clean immediately.
•    Remove scattered items in the area and return them to its original place.
•    Vacuum the living room to quickly remove the dust and dirt.
•    As for the countertops, wipe it by using a cloth in a top to bottom direction to keep the specks of dust from falling

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