1. How to contact someone at O.S.1 Habitat?

You can email us at [email protected] (mailto: [email protected]) or call us at +65 69081813.

2. How do I begin to book a cleaner?

Visit OS1 Habitat ( and click on the “Book a Cleaning” button. Follow the simple process and you’re booked!

3. Why should I get cleaners from O.S.1 Habitat?

1. O.S.1 Habitat is a Singapore registered company with ACRA (201201846Z).
2. O.S.1 Habitat ensures that the cleaner you engage is legally qualified to work in Singapore. This protects our customers from serious penalties.
3. O.S.1 Habitat is able to provide replacements when your scheduled cleaner becomes unavailable.
4. O.S.1 Habitat does not charge agency fees, security deposits, or tie our customers down with long-term contracts. Our risk-free model allows customers to start and stop the services whenever they like.

4. Are the cleaners provided by O.S.1 Habitat legally qualified to work?

O.S.1 Habitat strictly screens all cleaners to ensure they are eligible for cleaning work. Only Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents are recruited.
O.S.1 Habitat adheres to the Ministry of Manpower’s rules and regulations to protect homeowners from unnecessary legal issues.


1. What happens when the cleaner damages items in my home?

All our cleaners have been made aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that they do not damage items in a customer’s home. Should there be accidents that cause damage; the cleaner is personally liable up to $1,000. O.S.1 Habitat has been indemnified of all responsibility as agreed in the Terms of Service.

2. What happens in the case of theft?

To avoid any misunderstanding, we urge all customers to keep their valuables (e.g. cash, jewelry, watches) in a secure and locked place. However, should there be a serious criminal offence; the client should inform the police as soon as the theft is noticed.

3. What are the risks if I hire illegal cleaners?

According to the Ministry of Manpower, the illegal hiring of someone else’s foreign domestic worker (FDW) will result in severe penalties for:
– The original employer: A maximum fine of $10,000 ($5,000 fine, $5,000 deposit). May get barred from employing FDWs permanently.
– The illegal employer: Maximum fine of $12,720 (Levy ($265) × 48 months). Imprisonment (for repeat offenders).
– The FDW: Maximum fine of $20,000 or 24 months imprisonment.

5. Does O.S.1 Habitat employ the cleaners?

O.S.1 Habitat does employ the cleaners and we also work with a network of trusted freelance cleaners matching the needs of our customers to their availability, location, and skills.

Payments & Pricing

1. Is there a minimum period of time I need to sign up for?

To enjoy the regular booking rate, you will have to complete at least 4 weeks of cleaning sessions. This applies to bookings of all frequencies.

2. Is the pricing the same for both weekdays and weekends?

Yes the pricing is the same for weekday and weekends. However there might be fewer cleaners available on weekends and weekday evenings as the demand for cleaning is higher, so there is a possibility that we will not be able to match you with a suitable cleaner. We encourage all customers to try and arrange for a weekday cleaning either in the morning or afternoon to increase the chances for a successful match.

3. What is the minimum number of hours I can book for each cleaning session?

The minimum number of hours per session is 2 hours. Do note that under estimating the required hours for the size of your house may result in unsatisfactory results.

4. Will I get charged if I cancel a cleaning session?

No fee is charged if the cancellation is done more than 24 hours before the scheduled cleaning appointment. Any session cancelled less than 24 hours from the scheduled cleaning appointment, we will have to charge a 1 hour service fee. This includes scenarios where the cleaner has gone down to your place but there is no one around to let the cleaner in. This charge allows us to compensate the cleaner for his/her transport and time.

5. Why am I being charged in advance?

O.S.1 Habitat uses a pre-paid credit model where we store your advanced payments as credits and deduct as jobs are completed. This is advantageous as it allows flexibility in changing booking schedules, frequency, and hours without the need to reauthorize or refund payment. Credit in our system can be refunded at any time.

6. How do I pay for the cleaning service?

You can pay for the cleaning service through our website by using your credit card. O.S.1 Habitat accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards through Braintree as our payment gateway. Braintree is a trusted leading payment gateway that is used by big companies like Uber. All secure credit card payment information is stored on Braintree’s servers, not on O.S.1 Habitat’ servers.


1. What if I am not satisfied with the performance of the cleaner?

Customers are allowed to make up to three requests for change of cleaner via the customer dashboard. Changes are dependent on availability of cleaners.

2. What do I do when I need to reschedule my cleaning sessions?

You can do so simply by logging in to your dashboard and make the reschedule there. There are no additional charges unless the reschedule is made less than 24 hours from the scheduled cleaning session. Any requests made less than 24 hours from the scheduled cleaning appointment, we will charge for 1-hour as a service fee.

3. Will I get the same cleaner every session?

Where possible, yes. There may be instances where for personal or professional reasons a cleaner may request a change or is unable to make specific sessions. In such instances, the customer will be notified and a replacement will be provided if available. The customer may choose to cancel or reschedule the session at no cost.

4. Should I provide food, drink, and transportation for the cleaner?

Your fee paid through O.S.1 Habitat covers the cleaning service only. Providing food, drink, transport, or any other compensation to the cleaner is entirely left to the discretion of the customer.

5. How do you ensure that the cleaner finishes her tasks within the specified hours?

O.S.1 Habitat provides a briefing and checklist to the cleaners which have guidelines on the duties to be done. Following the checklist will allow the cleaner to complete all tasks in a timely manner.

6. Does O.S.1 Habitat take responsibility for the cleaner’s mistakes or behaviour?

As some cleaner is a freelance agent, O.S.1 Habitat cannot be responsible for the mistakes, behavior, or attitude of the cleaner. If mistakes or intolerable behavior persists, customers may request for a change in cleaner at no additional charge. O.S.1 Habitat will investigate the situation and if necessary stop working with the errant cleaner. This ensures high quality cleaners for our customers.

7. Should I leave my house keys with the cleaner?

Customers who have established a trusted relationship with their cleaner may wish to leave a set of keys with the cleaner to facilitate ease of access. O.S.1 Habitat recommends that for the initial period, the customer should be around to orientate and supervise the cleaner. Once you are comfortable with the cleaner, it is up to your discretion to leave your keys to him/her. You may also want to use another padlock on the day of cleaning and give the cleaner access to that lock alone.

8. Do I need to provide cleaning materials for the cleaner?

Yes, customers are expected to have sufficient quantities of cleaning chemicals and working equipment such as rags, brooms, mops, pails, and vacuum cleaners. Cleaners will not bring any cleaning equipment with them unless it had been specified during booking process.

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