Quick Complete House Cleaning Tips

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Always busy that you don’t have time to tidy your home anymore? Here are simple house cleaning tips from Singapore house cleaning services for cleaning three rooms of your house in just a few hours. How to go about cleaning your bedroom, living room and dining room? Here’s how it is:

1.    De-Clutter

Before dusting and wiping down surfaces, de-clutter and move items first to where they belong. This makes it easier cleaning, dusting and wiping since there are things cluttered about here and there of the house.

2.    Dust Off Furnishings

Begin with cleaning your furniture. Dust off your dressers, tables, bookshelves and other furniture. When you are done, you may now clean the electronics and start cleaning your television, stereo, etc by wiping it down using such a particular microfiber cloth. Do the cleaning of the insides of the furniture later on.

3.    Sanitize Germ Magnet Devices

Telephones and remote controls are devices that are magnet for germs. Additionally, video-game equipments can be just as dirty and these will have to be sanitized. Using a disinfecting wipe, clean the germs off of these devices, that are often left unattended when cleaning.

4.    Wipe Upholstery Clean

Next, clean your upholstery. Again with a microfiber cloth, wipe the upholstery down. If in case your sofa or chairs are soiled, you can use a dry-cleaning sponge to clean the fabric. Only dry clean or you will have to get your upholstery dried out in the sun.

5.    Clean Windows

To be able to clean your windows easily, you can use a glass cleaner sprayed on a newspaper. You can also use a solution of water and dishwashing liquid with a squeegee to take care of the dusts on the window. This makes your window clean in just one easy swipe.

6.    Vacuum Blinds and Drapes

When vacuuming drapes and blinds, set the vacuum in low setting and make use of the brush attachment for cleaning. Apart from vacuuming, you can also clean the blinds by dusting or wiping using a damp microfiber cloth.

7.    Vacuum the Floors

Attend to floors now by vacuuming the carpeted areas. A brush attachment can be utilized for uncarpeted areas. You must also never forget taking care of all those hidden spots. Move some furniture, especially the big pieces, and vacuum below.

8.    Once-Over for Wooden Furniture

If you have a wooden furniture, you can give it a once over to rejuvenate it using a beeswax or another product. This way, your furniture will look great as if it is brand new in just a few swipes. It doesn’t take long but your wooden furniture can go back to looking its best.

With your busy lives sometimes you don’t have time for cleaning. These tips can help but if you don’t really have time, you can always call for a reliable house cleaning services for help. Singapore home cleaning services are experts that readily clean your home for your comfort and convenience.

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