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“Affordable, Thorough and Reliable Home and Office Cleaning Services”

Love that feeling of a clean home?

Our clients—busy dads, moms and professionals—definitely do. They depend on OS1 Habitat to enjoy more free time with family and doing the things they love while we handle all the dirty hassles. Your time is very precious. Stop losing it to dirty dust.

It is obvious that using a professional cleaning service makes LIFE much easier and stress free, and we can’t question the joy that come from living in a fresh, clean home. By taking advantage of our cleaning services, you are well on the road to living in a pleasant and clean atmosphere without having to move a finger.

We approach our projects with gusto. You can trust off to breathe life into your homes and offices carefully, professionally and efficiently.

On top of our core cleaning services include:
Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning
• Regular House or Office Cleaning
• After Renovation/After Builder/End of tenancy Cleaning
• Pre/Post Party Cleaning

What makes OS1 Habitat different?

Honesty, integrity and reliability define us. This is why we work closely with you upfront to develop a personalized cleaning plan specific to your needs, and review on a regular basis to ensure that you are satisfied with our unparalleled quality service. Consider us part of your team. Your health is our mission; your comfort is our success. Get in touch today.

What’s more?

Call us now to get 20% off your first cleaning service with us. Conditions Apply.

OS1 Habitat, Peace in mind!

Habitat Cleaning
the pristine home- regular house cleaning

Does your Boss make you work so hard that after a long days work, you just want to slip in your comfy pajamas and stare at your TV screen, but no you have to clean your house too!

Deep Cleaning Services
deep cleaning or spring cleaning

Deep cleaning are best for when you are moving in or out of your house/ planning for that special event or preparing for the holiday or festive season. Or your house had not been cleaned thoroughly – not just mopped or vacuumed, but every surface cleaned/scrubbed/dusted – in the past 5-8 weeks. It is best to have it done once every 2 to 6 months.

Office Cleaning Services Singapore
the immaculate office- Regular Office cleaning

Imagine you walk into an immaculate office, and as you fall in love with the aroma you gaze over the perfect stacked files and spotless drawers and you realize how beautiful the day is.

Party Cleaning
the awesome after party mess- pre & post party cleaning

Are you still under hangover from the awesome party last night? Or are you too scared to throw an amazing party just because of the after mess. Don‟t worry we are the solution to your after party mess problem.

Renovation Cleaning
the novel home- post renovation cleaning

The contractor handed you the key to your newly renovated home, and it looks nothing like it did in your head? Don’t worry because we are here to give you the home you always dreamt of.

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