Pre/Post Party Cleaning Services

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Are you still under hung-over from the awesome party last night? Or are you too scared to throw an amazing party just because of the after mess?

Pre & Post Party Cleaning Services

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Are you still under hung-over from the awesome party last night? Or are you too scared to throw an amazing party just because of the after mess? Don’t worry, we are the solution to your after party mess problem. We know last thing you want to do after a long night of fun party is cleaning your home. Our post party cleaning service take the stress out of your after party. Be it a get together with friends, football Sunday, or the happiest day of your life. We’ve got you covered!

We suggest a pre-party booking to prevent your entire after party headache.

Our Pre & Post Party Cleaning Services


In order to give you a better idea of what to expect, we’ve compiled a list of what’s included in our Pre & Post cleaning services as below:

  • Clearing all junk food and bottles
  • Disposing all bins
  • Deep cleaning of bathrooms and toilets
  • Thorough cleaning of kitchen surfaces
  • Cleaning of cupboards,  oven, microwave and fridge
  • Cleaning kitchen sink
  • Washing and vacuuming of carpet or floors
Party cleaning

Why Choose OS1 Habitat for Party Cleaning?

  • Our team will be at your place faster than your pizza. We are known for consistent punctuality. We’ll be done before you know it.
  • Our prices are more than affordable. There are no hidden fees, no buying extra equipment- we bring along our own high quality equipment.
  • Believe us we have been to so many after party messes that we can handle anything you throw at us. We have highly trained experienced staff and nothing is new to us.
  • All our employees have undergone rigorous background checks and are trained every week to ensure that you get the best cleaning service available in Singapore.

Hiring us will be the best decision you make after a night of mistakes. We’re confident you will call us again on your next party at your home!

You do not need to lift a finger. Let the Pro handle the dirty job!


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Please call us at +65 8868-5406 or submit your requirements via our FREE Party Cleaning Services Quote .

Estimates or site visit

If possible, we will revert with an estimate or else we will need to schedule a site visit at your home to further understand the to-be cleaned area for a more accurate estimate.

Provision of estimates and arrangement of cleaner

The final steps is we will provide a cleaning services price estimate and arrange for a cleaner at your preferred timing.

For general inquiries, please refer to our FAQ page. Alternatively, please fill in this form to reach us.

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