Tricks and Tips in Hosting a Valentine Party without the Mess

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With valentines just around the corner, you should be planning ahead of where and what to do. As always, restaurants will be packed full and every park and amusement spots will be teeming with all those lovers who wanted to take part of this once a year love celebration. So why go out and worry too much of reservation when you can host a party for your family, loved ones, and friends at home? Maybe the mess as aftermath of the gathering? That shouldn’t stop you from celebrating the valentine’s day with your loved ones. Besides, we can help you with the preparation, the party, and the cleaning.


Tip # 1: The preparation depends on the number of guests and the kind of party you are about to host. Whatever it is, you might want to skip the dining table and use the lawn or backyard instead. You can arrange a long table and benches, then place a few garbage bins nearby for the guests to segregate their leftovers to bottles and disposables.

Tip #2: Use plastic table lining or mat which will be easier to clean or a disposable so you don’t have to clean at all. You can simply fold it with all the mess on it and directly throw it to the garbage bin. Don’t forget to choose environmental friendly material for this.

Tip #3: Choose to use disposables but make sure they are the durable kind so your guests wouldn’t mind the cleaning-proof party you are hosting. This will save you from all the washing and cleaning that most parties leave their hosts with. And with the garbage bins already ready nearby, your guests can simply pitch them in.

Tip #4: Create a makeshift wash area nearby. This can help your guess tidy up after eating or anytime during the party, thereby skipping your kitchen or your bathroom.

Party day or night

Tip #1: Lead your guests to the outdoor party area as soon as they arrive and skip going inside your home so you won’t have to sweep and deal with dirt and grime inside after the guests are gone.

Tip #2: Instruct them with the utilities you have within the area so they “self-service.”

After-Party Cleaning:

Tip #1: Segregate the disposables, leftovers, and utensils. Throw all of the disposables and leftovers to the right garbage bins then take the utensils to the makeshift washing area for cleaning.

Tip #2: Clear the outdoor table and chairs of dirt, wipe if needed, and keep them where they should be stored. Don’t leave them out in the open or they will get dirtied even more.

Tip #3: Pick up any garbage on the lawn or pathway right away before they catch the attention of ants and other stray animals.

Tip #4: Roll the garbage bins where the collector can easily pick them up so they won’t rot in your lawn or backyard.

With these simple tips and tricks, you are able to enjoy the party and wake up the following day without having to worry about cleaning.

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